Very vague title for 2016, right? I guess I am just going to talk about the importance of this thing we call “Social Media”. I always tell everyone this:

Remember in the 90’s and early 2000’s when every business KNEW they needed a website… but didn’t quite understand WHY?

Well here’s the deal. Social media today is the website movement of this era. Don’t believe me? Well guess where people are going to check out your business prior to them stepping foot inside of it or contacting you… It’s not your website. That is secondary. So this means TWO things. 1. You must be present on Social Media. 2. You Must be ACTIVE on Social Media. In a world where we have everything at our fingertips (literally in our hand), and everything has become so instantaneous, people want to make sure your site, AKA SOCIAL MEDIA PAGE, is current, active, and BUSY. This is what customers are looking at. They want to see that you are real. They want real time. They want real people. They want to see that you are responsive… to customers, to trends, to real life. Luckily for you, technology and Mark Zuckerberg among others have provided this for you and your business.

I cannot tell you how many businesses just are NOT comprehending this yet. Many are stuck in yesterday and their current situations that they are failing to prepare for the future and adapt to the current changes. Many are afraid, many do not want to spend the money, and many just do not think it is going to last… Remember when people said the internet itself would never last… those people are now lost in the shuffle. In fact, technology is evolving so fast, that things are changing daily, and many are failing to adapt and keep up with the market. There are BILLIONS of people on social media every day. It is the best word of mouth tool there is. When used correctly, it can be a great addition to your marketing mix.

Don’t Miss Out Because of Your Pride.

In 2006 when we created the first film festival in which selection was done via online competition (we were the FIRST festival to stream films on our website), EVERYONE told us that it would never work. That people would NEVER watch film or tv online. A University professor laughed at us and told us it would never work. IN 2006. Fastforward to today. What is EVERYONE doing??? Streaming movies, watching tv shows on fu**ing HULU and some other shit ton of streaming services to their phones, tablets, and computers.

Here is my point. I was lucky. I seen the trend and the possibility with technology. You need to see what is going on RIGHT NOW and WHERE IT IS GOING. That is key. So as a business owner, you have a decision to make. You can adapt and evolve, or you can crash and burn in a technology driven world where everyone wants and HAS information at their fingertips. You need to either invest in social media, or create something that provides purpose through technology and your product. So you either have to invest time into a proactive social media plan, or you need to invest the money for someone to do it for you. Don’t be cheap for the sake of being cheap. You invest the money now, to save you in the future (I’ve seen too many people go cheap and end up spending 30-100k to fix the cheap route’s screw up). Good news is, you can still run social media rather successfully with a small budget, if you have the time. If you do not have the time, do one of two things: Invest in someone that specializes in social media and can do it FOR you (or train your staff to do it), or learn it (sacrificing time and money, so be aware of that).


Did I mention that word? Time is something none of us gets back folks. It is the most precious commodity in our lives. Never sacrifice time, and never sacrifice happiness. So in your business, PLEASE take that into consideration when it comes to social media. If you can find a way to free up time, take advantage of it. To be a GREAT leader and GREAT business person, you need to understand your strengths and outsource your weaknesses. This frees up time and builds your business further and faster.


Joe Ruiz, Jr. is a Social Media Manager ( , entrepreneur, and coach. You can follow him on social media as well:

Instagram: jruizjr

Snapchat: FB_IMG_1467174293093




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