We have all seen it. People playing this crazy, stupid game… But you are trying to run a business. You are not worried about stupid little games. Right. That’s a trick question!

I always talk about keeping up with trends, changes in social media, and adapting to the current state of business. Well, if you haven’t noticed, for the first time in a long time, people are walking places. People are meeting at places. ALL FOR A STUPID GAME!

I know what you are thinking… That is annoying. That sounds stupid. Another thing I often talk about is that it is NOT about you. Get over yourself. It is about your business and your customers/clients. I get that you would not want anything to do with Pokemon Go. You don’t want to learn or hear anything about Pokemon Go… but your customers do. Your clients do.

So why not take advantage of that. Remember… ADAPTATION. Adapt to the market. Adapt to the trends. Set yourself apart from others. Take advantage of this opportunity. Chances are, people are walking by your shop, business, restaurant tying to hunt some Pokemon!

Here’s what you do:

Find a Pokestop or gym near your business or if Your business is one.

There are ways to do this. Google them. (Sorry)

Set Lures

Lures increase the rate of Pokemon generation in the area around the PokeStop where they’re placed for one half hour. There are a bunch of in-app purchases people take advantage of within the game, and this is one. Essentially they are power-ups for their avatar. These lures continue to bring people, and even keep some there, as they are available for one half hour.


This is where you get to have some fun and be creative! Here are some ideas I’ll lay out for you:

  • Set specials for Pokemon trainers. (It’s not hard to spot them playing the game)
  • Offer something free. Even if it’s just water. People are walking.
  • Promote yourself as a charging station for Pokemon Go players.
  • Promote on Social Media what you are doing. Reward people for finding special Pokemon at your store, shop, restaurant, etc. Utilize the power of SM!
  • Run a special just  for the app itself (pokemon go special)- Doesn’t have to do with them even playing it. Just mentioning it will gain attention.
  • Have a team member or employee playing the game during the day and purchase lures or incense, or any other object within the game to bring people in. (The cost is minimal).

GET CREATIVE WITH IT!!!  This can work for MANY businesses! Think about customers. Not yourself. This is what it comes down to. Even IF this is not long-term, you are creating an emotional connection with a customer. All data shows that this leads to more sales and customer retention. I guarantee ALL of you are consistently scratching your heads trying to figure out just how to get more customers. This is why I tell you just how powerful technology and SOCIAL MEDIA is for your business. It’s right there in your hands, and in your customer’s hands.

People will talk about you. People will share your business place. (See below)





Joe Ruiz, Jr. is a Social Media Manager (www.socialeyemarketing.com) , entrepreneur, and coach. You can follow him on social media as well:




Instagram: jruizjr




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