Video viewing has been on the rise for some time now…

Back in 2006 when we created the first film festival to stream film online (we hosted an online competition where people would watch and rate the films, taking the top 21 to the festival in NYC see:Manhattan Film Festival), we were told that people would NEVER sit and watch tv shows and movies over the internet…

Well, fast forward to today, and you will notice that not only are people streaming tv and movies over the internet more than anything, you will notice that video is also the most SHARED content online as well. In fact, video generates 135% more organic reach compared to photo posts on Facebook alone and on average they generate 8 BILLION video views per day!

“To succeed in business, you must adapt to the trends or you will be left behind!”

What this means for you

Like everything else in business, things change and evolve. Social media (the internet) is no different. If you look at your Facebook feed, and you think about what it is that you tend to view the most, share the most, like the most. Chances are it is a video of some sort, an inspirational quote, or some deliciously looking food shot.

So what this means is that like any other time, in order to succeed in business, you must adapt to the trends or you will be left behind! That is the truth my friends. You need to stand out, you need to get people’s attention, and you need to stay relevant. If you notice, social media moves very fast. Algorithms are in place to show people things that the algorithm finds relevant based on actions the user has take in the past (like watching videos, liking photos, commenting on certain posts, people they interact with and many, many more things). Facebook alone has pretty much shown us that they give higher placement to video and even higher placement to Live Video. In my opinion this is because the internet as a whole and content itself is trending towards becoming a more video dominant arena.

We humans have very short attention spans, and we are spoiled with instantaneous information that is available to us right in the palm of our hands… literally! So we no longer read as much information because we keep receiving more immediately. It is easier to get our attention visually. Especially the younger millennials. Video SHOWS us what we need, what we want, how to do something, and much more. It shows emotion, it shows information, and it shows real life. People want that more than anything.

So when creating your social media plan, I implore you to insert video content into that plan and begin using it immediately across platforms (I could go on and on about how to use it on each, but we’ll discuss that later… Just get started!). If you need help doing this, please do not hesitate to ask for some ideas! I am here to help. Please join our Facebook Group Social Media for Small Business for great tips, ideas, and free advice as well.


Be REAL. Be Genuine. Be Blessed.



Joe Ruiz, Jr. is a Social Media Manager ( , entrepreneur, and coach. You can follow him on social media as well:
Follwo me on Snapchat: elraven

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